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Musings About MHR Canada: Excerpt #1

Written by on November 13, 2020

Do not give until it hurts! Give until it makes you rejoice with laughter. I believe that is the appropriate biblical principle of 2 Corinthians 9:7 – for God loves a cheerful giver.

As treasurer of Mars Hill Radio (Canada) Inc., I have great pleasure in seeing how some Friends find interesting ways to support the Christian ministry of the MHN. Let me tell you of a special contributor who loves the station and has it turned on for all her waking hours.

She will be introduced by means of a unique question: Do you have a wedding dress that you would like repurposed? There is a shop in Kingston, Ontario at 561½ Princess St. that has a website-write-up about our listener Friend: Rufina’s Bridal / Gowns for Missions / Gown Alterations & Repairs (emphasis added by me). This MHN Friend is a fashion designer and trained seamstress with a decade of experience in designing bridal and formal wear as well as alterations. She gives each project her skill with serious attention to detail. I’ve seen her work and it’s fabulous!

Now let me tell you of her ingenious ways of embracing the radio ministry. First, she started, as most Friends do, by supporting Careathon. Then she helped by the donation of a car to MHRCanada. Later Rufina came up with an even more innovative initiative of support. She receives bridal gowns from anyone who would like to donate them for reuse by someone in need of a beautiful, but less expensive, wedding garment. Upon entering her shop, these dresses are cleaned before being displayed for resale. All of the funds from the sale of these gowns go to supporting several charitable organizations: The Mars Hill Network, Medical Missionaries, Homes of Joy and the Canadian Diabetes Association. Through “Gowns for Missions” the Lord blesses her also with some personal income as each garment sold allows her the proceeds from the alteration work that she does on it.

Wow! Isn’t this nifty? Maybe YOU can think of a unique and innovative way to support the Mars Hill Network.

Submitted by Hank Blok
Secretary-treasurer, Mars Hill Radio Canada

(As a short PS, it may be noted that this Friend, who has blessed us financially, has been greatly affected by Covid-19 through the cancellation of many weddings. (No weddings – no dress alterations!) To assist in providing a cash flow, Rufina has designed and produces comfortable, breathe-easy adjustable cloth face masks.)

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