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“America Isn’t Finished” – Decision America Tour 2016

Written by on August 29, 2016

– Photo by David Zeafla


They came by the thousands from hundreds of miles away to pray and hear a profoundly motivational speech by a household name for Christians and non-Christians alike.  The speaker was Franklin Graham and the event was the stop he made on August 25 in New York State’s capital city of Albany.  The whistle stop was part of Graham’s “DECISION AMERICA” tour, a nationwide tour that includes a speech in every capital city of every state in the union, challenging Christians all across America to wake up and seize the critical moment which the upcoming election holds.


It was quite a sight to see, with a robust crowd (Graham organization estimates 2,800) from all ages and walks of life gathered on the main mall, surrounded by towering skyscrapers imaging political power.  The atmosphere was electric and energetic.  A palpable sense of expectation filled the air as Graham mounted the platform to loud cheers from the audience.  The energy was two-way, as Graham himself commented that the New York event had the most enthusiastic, vocal crowd he had seen on the tour, which has already been to 38 states.


Graham opened his dynamic, Spirit-empowered speech on a sobering note of concern for the critical condition of America.  “We’re here tonight because our country is in trouble spiritually, racially, economically, politically.  And I can tell you right now, no political party is going to be able to turn this thing around (cheers).  I may make some people mad, but listen to me.  I have NO hope in the Democratic party, ZERO, okay (cheers).  Now before you Republicans start high-fiving each other, I have ZERO hope in the Republican party (more cheers).  The only hope for this country is almighty God! (loud cheers).  And the most important thing that you and I can do here today is to pray.”


Citing Nehemiah’s unlikely success in rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls in only 52 days, Franklin sounded a strong note of hope and optimism in God’s ability to turn the country around: “Now some people say that America is finished, it’s too late.  Folks, with God it’s NEVER too late, NEVER too late! (ecstatic cheers).”


Outlining the dire circumstances Nehemiah found his broken-down nation in, Graham noted how he fasted and prayed, proceeding from confessing the sins of his people, to confessing the sins of himself, to confessing the sins of his father’s family.  Graham used that formula as a model for the huge crowd to pray through each area.  He also led the rally in praying for the salvation of and wisdom for all state employees of New York (including a sincere prayer for the salvation of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo), as well as for the protection of law enforcement personnel across the country.


In true Graham-like fashion, Franklin boldly continued, “You see, the moral and political walls of our nation are crumbling and they are falling down.  Any type of wicked thought and activity can come and go, and our entertainers, our big business, our politicians, and sadly to say, many of our churches are more concerned about political correctness than they are about God’s truth and His righteousness.” (loud cheers).


Mirroring his legendary father’s soul-winning passion, Graham included a strong evangelistic appeal, explaining the main points of the gospel and inviting any who would to repent of their sins and receive Christ into their lives.


Graham ended on a highly challenging note, encouraging listeners to fulfill their civic duty not only by voting, but also by seriously considering running for various civic offices such as mayor, school board, town supervisors, etc.  He also called the audience to pledge to pray and vote (you can sign this pledge by texting the word “America” to 21777).  For more info log on to:


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– Photo by David Zeafla