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Nightsounds: Bill Pearce

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Dr Bruce Jones

– Photo by David Zeafla   They came by the thousands from hundreds of miles away to pray and hear a profoundly motivational speech by a household name for Christians […]

Part Thirteen – “The Creation of a New World”   Today as I conclude this series on Genesis 1-11 being historical and accurate I want to elaborate on more final […]

Part Twelve – “So How Old is the Earth – Genesis 4-5”   In 1650, James Ussher, the Archbishop of Ireland, came up with a detailed timeline for all of […]

Part Eleven – “The Creation of Man – Adam and Eve”   Today as we continue our evaluation of progressive creationism I would like to make the point that their […]

Part Ten – “The Creation of the World-Part Three”   Before modern day science and the attempt to discredit the Genesis account the church universal beloved it as written. For […]

Part Nine – “The Creation of the World-Part Two”   As we continue our examination of progressive creationism as compared to Genesis One we see their leading proponent then logically […]

Part Eight – “The Creation of the World-Part One”   As a student of the Bible for over six decades, I am always delighted to dig deeper into the treasures […]

Part Seven – “The Sole Survivors of the Flood”   As I continued my research on this topic I discovered some other excellent apologetic arguments to defend a biblical interpretation […]

Part Six – “The Ark Settles on Mount Aarat”   Now at this point in the narrative Noah has been at sea for over a year and had been waiting […]

Part Five – “The Ark that Noah Built for His Family and Animals”   So what was it like to live on that Ark for so many days tending to […]