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I’m amused at the ominous names of the midway rides showcasing at the NY State Fair. Sure, the idea is to appeal to the thrill seeker, you know, someone who wants to experience a death defying experience…but not really. There is something in many of us that wants to “cheat death”. Something about so many […]

One of the greatest blessings during my recent camping trip to Fair Haven State Park were the first two nights living under a canopy of stars. The sky was clear the first night, and fairly clear the second. With few lights washing out the starlight, the panorama of the night time sky became incredibly awesome. […]

Time stood still for maybe 12 seconds last week.   It was a time warp, but without the sharp edges, that is the morning that my two girls, Jill and Janelle and I headed down a hiking trail at Fair Haven Beach State Park. For three glorious and adventurous days my two daughters and I […]

I was excited. My vegetable garden had produced its first crop of pick-able sweet green peppers. I had five of those beauties dangling off the plants with the promise of lots more as indicated by little white buds amongst its greenery. I have a bumper crop of tomatoes coming along too, still in various sizes […]

Just this morning I had to do a quick run into Wegman’s to pick a few things up before heading out for work. I told my daughter I would pick her up some bottled water, and my wife needed a few grocery items for the day.   I raced down the aisles with one of […]

Traveling from home to work for me is generally pleasurable…well, except sometimes in the winter. My ride is mostly rural, only running into stop signals and some summertime congested tourist traffic in Skaneateles.   This morning was pretty smooth motoring as I tailed a Honda SUV into the village. The driver signaled to make a […]

We don’t live on the Ocean. Surfing really is not much of an option here in upstate NY. But we do have the incredible Lake Ontario!   Riding the “big one”, hmmm, it just won’t happen, but diving through “sort of” big waves on one of a number of Lake Ontario beaches on a windy […]

I had a number of thoughts for a subject to present in this week’s Wayne Weekly, but in light of the recent tragedies in our country, those thoughts are overshadowed.   As we witness, instantly in some cases, tragedies, untruths from those in high places, the calculated disintegration of the traditional family, drug epidemics that […]

Isn’t it interesting that human beings have a propensity to “break the rules”. Well, from a theological standpoint we all know why, but that rebellion translates into small violations…not just big ones.   While on a recent day of R & R at Fair Haven Beach State Park, my daughter Jill and I decided to […]

Not too many months ago I was standing in line at a local grocery store. The woman ahead of me was using one of those plastic grocery baskets that the store provides to customers who just need to “pick up a few things”. She emptied her basket on the conveyor and then proceeded to put […]

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