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Not too many months ago I was standing in line at a local grocery store. The woman ahead of me was using one of those plastic grocery baskets that the store provides to customers who just need to “pick up a few things”. She emptied her basket on the conveyor and then proceeded to put […]

The microwave over our range decided the last wave had been radiated. It said good-bye without fanfare. I didn’t care all that much, except I don’t like things that don’t work. My wife Evie had stronger feelings about it than I did, so another one had to be purchased. I ordered it on-line and it […]

I have been rediscovering the book of Genesis. It’s been a while that I have delved into that OT book as my daily quiet time devotional.   Revisiting the creation account not only was a good refresher, but the Lord brought things to my attention that sparks much renewed interest in the book of beginnings. […]

A tribute to the retiring Yolanda Thompson, Mars Hill Network Administrative Assistant, in service to the Lord 28 years.   People come and go in our lives. Whether in our neighborhoods, our workplace, or our special friends or family members. People come and go.  As believers, even in trying to figure out why some move […]

  This past week I decided rather than to drive my car to a favorite breakfast spot, I would meet my wife and walk the mile or so to the restaurant. It’s one of those simple pleasures on a beautiful spring morning.   I enjoy the exercise, of course, but walking through older neighborhoods with […]

This past Mother’s Day week-end, when I not only had Mother’s Day to think about, but my daughter’s birthday, plus springtime spruce up chores at home, and the trips to purchase yard supplies, I hit a bump in the road. When everything was starting to build up on my got-to-do-it list, while mowing my lawn, […]

Now listen to this.   I’m sitting in my office when the Koffee King truck pulls into the parking lot. Nothing new, Koffee King has been well serving Mars Hill with water for our cooler and coffee for a few years now. Staff and guests have opportunity to indulge in America’s #1 beverage (I’m guessing). […]

Last week I traveled up into the Adirondacks with our Chief Engineer and one of our board members to investigate a possible tower rental site. Mars Hill hopes to build a translator (repeater station) to broadcast the gospel to yet another area in NY State.   As we drove up the mountain to the site, […]

We have three or four birdfeeders in our yard. My wife, Evie, has this innate conviction that she must feed the birds all year long.  I support her in her persuasion and since I like birds too, I don’t complain much about the cost of good birdseed. We avoid the round little dark brown seeds. […]

I drive by a “sailboat shop” every day on my way to work. I have the blessing of living in the Finger Lakes and as I “sail” through Skaneateles from Auburn, I often see boats of all kinds dotting the clear water of Skaneateles Lake. I see the sailboat shop and its grounds east of […]

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