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November is one of my favorite months. There is just something about the cold crisp mornings, and often the sunny blue skies that produce a gradual warmth during the day. November is kind of a stand- alone month. The leaves largely are off the trees in later November. The ones not raked up have a […]

It’s over. The long, grueling political election episode of eighteen months has come to a screeching halt. We have a president elect. Our political system has shown its success…or has it?   Those who voted for the winning side are almost always content with the “election process”. Those who face the defeat of their candidate, […]

I read just today in my devotional time 1 Samuel chapter 8. That passage tells of how the elders of Israel came to Samuel in his old age and asked Samuel to appoint a king for Israel. The reasons for not holding to the status quo, Samuel’s sons (who were judges) did not walk in […]

  With the election at hand, most of us have already made a decision for the person on the ballet that we would have be at the helm of our country. For the believer, the choice comes down to the platform, not the personality. What platform is closer to uphold Christian values! Each believer has […]

I recollect a “Fab Four” Beatle song released on the B-side of the single Paperback Writer called Rain. Really it was about overlooking circumstances, rain or shine, it’s all a state of mind. The writer points out that many “just run and hide their heads…when the rain comes.”   As a Christian, I can say […]

Recently Kevin Kloss MHN program director, Mark Warner Mornings host and Productions Director, and I journeyed to Cary, North Carolina on invite from Trans World Radio (TWR) to take a tour of their world headquarters and broadcast MHN’s morning program from one of their studios there. Since we were due in on the tail end […]

This morning I was driving into work through fog covered hills and valleys.  I saw a hazy morning sun just breaking through the fog, took my usual turn heading upwards on Onondaga Hill, and soon found the fog was gone and what was visible was a blue sky covered with what I describe as “out […]

As believers we find sometimes that we are “evented out”. It seems things often come in waves, a concert here, a church function over there, a Christian’s theme movie somewhere! Our time is limited so we evaluate and make choices using our own barometers of value.   40 Days for Life, a prolife prayer and […]

I awoke sometime in the early morning hours with my brain in overdrive. Whether I always like it or not I’ve inherited  an overdrive on my brain’s transmission. Often when I wake up, no matter what the time, the fissures in my brain become a high speed race track and I’m at the wheel.   I began to […]

Many of us know the scriptural account of Jacob’s ladder.   As you may recall Jacob was fleeing for his life from Esau his twin brother who vowed to kill him for stealing his birthright. While looking for refuge at a relative’s house in Haran, Jacob stopped for the night to rest at a place called […]

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