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Wayne Weekly “Apples and Honey”

Written by on October 2, 2017

Last week Linnie Greczyn, our administrative assistant here at Mars Hill, treated the staff with fresh picked apples. I grabbed one of these beauties, retreated to my office, and took a healthy bite.

Wow, these are good I thought. The apple not only had a great sweet-tart flavor and was super crisp, but it was juicy, real juicy. I chomped it down in no time flat.

This morning, when Linnie came into work I asked her what kind of apples she brought in last week, they were Honey Crisps. A name rightly deserved. Sweet, almost as sweet as honey!

I like honey. What a great food. I like buckwheat honey. It’s darker and more robust then some varieties. I figure if I’m going to eat honey, I want a blast of flavor.

I have a good Christian friend who raises honey bees and sells local raw honey. Bucky Haines in Auburn is known for his wide variety of honey…and his dedication to his hives. The local newspaper did an article on Bucky not too long ago. It was a fascinating account of how Bucky came to raise bees, and sited some facts on these buzzing creatures right from the hand of God.

Since honey was also a staple delight in Bible times, the Scriptures mention the subject…a lot. I could list multiple verses about the food, honey. How a taste brightened the eyes of Jonathan, how it was listed with treasured gifts, how the promised land was branded as a land flowing with milk and honey, and even warnings about eating too much and getting sick. The list goes on.

The Word of God is compared to honey. The Word is declared to be even sweeter than the honey and honey comb. I would say that it does more than “brighten the eyes” (as with Jonathan), God tells us His Word “enlightens the eyes”. As Christians, we are to “taste the Word”:

How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!                                                                                                       Psalm119:103

Whether the tastiest, juiciest apples or the sweetest honey this side of the Promised Land, their savor does not compare to the  sweetness of the devoured Word of God.