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Dr Bruce Jones

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Part Four – “A Universal Flood or a Local Flood-Part Two”   Today we continue our series on a Biblical Defense of Genesis 1-11 by examining again the actual extent of the flood, having looked at the intent of the flood.   THE EXTENT OF THE FLOOD (Genesis 6:14-9:17) It would be sufficient for me […]

Part Three – “A Universal Flood or a Local Flood-Part One”   Progressive Creationism rejects the biblical record of a universal flood in favor of a local flood thereby then rejecting the Word of God as their final authority (though in their minds it means reinterpreting the text). It seems amazing to me that anyone […]

Part Two – “The Infallible Word of God or the World of God”   Today we continue our new series entitled a Biblical Defense of Genesis 1-11 as Historical and Accurate and talk about the role the Word of God should play in the debate on this question. As regards to Scripture the fundamental difference […]

Part One – “Core Issues in the Conflict”   From the time of the Apostles, until several hundred years ago, the Church Universal for the most part believed the Bible taught a literal six day creation, an historical Adam and Eve created on the sixth day, and a universal flood. But today many evangelicals have […]