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This week hear Pastors.. Hal Jensen United Church of Marietta..Dana Goodnough Pittsford Community..Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Christian..Michael Gerhardt Parkside Bible Watertown..Bruce Aubrey Northside (Baptist) Liverpool..Gerald Malchus Hope Presbyterian Syracuse

This week listen to Pastors.. Fred Sykes First Baptist Canton..Nathaniel Jackson Trinity Fellowship Syracuse..Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran Ithaca..Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown..Michael Gerhardt Parkside Bible Watertown..Damon Gagnier United Church Auburn

This week hear Pastors Art George First Baptist Auburn, Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel Syracuse, Mark Graham Grace Bible Church Fayetteville, Ron Glass Wading River Baptist LI New York, Suresh Thiagarajan International Assembly Syracuse University, Jeff Obrien Northside Liverpool

As a young Christian growing up in the 70’s, I was encouraged to live out my newly found faith by listening to contemporary Christian artist, Larry Norman. Larry is with his Savior now, but the memories of his music and the effects of that music live on in me as a part of my Christian […]

Today we continue our conversation with retired Lt. Col Larkin Spivey. He’s a decorated Vietnam Veteran and has written extensively on how God has blessed America in wartime. Today he talks on why science and faith in God are not contrary to one another..    

Today on Spotlight we’re speaking with author Larkin Spivey a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War and retired Marine Corps Officer. He writes on how God has blessed America and how individuals have been blessed by their faith in God during wartime

Have you ever noticed how we in the Northeast generally glory in our white holiday   season, even snowblowing (i.e. bragging about our winter icing) but when the Christmas tree is taken down and the porch lights are removed, the cherished white becomes the dreaded freeze. Of course there are exceptions. You have outdoor enthusiasts […]

This week hear Pastors.. Damon Gagnier United Church of Auburn..Hank Blok from Mars Hill Radio Canada..Eric Hallett Centennial Rd Baptist of Cornwall Ontario Cananda..Mark Ransom Constantia Center Baptist..Don Work Dickinson Center Baptist..Milton Kornegay Central Baptist Syracuse

I recall a sci-fi movie I watched as a kid called IT Came from Outer Space. It was actually presented as 3D in theaters, but on our B&W Sears Silvertone TV it was in flat 2D. Still, we loved those predictable space movies with lots of girls screaming.   Today, IT means “Information Technology”. And […]

This week listen to Pastor’s..  Damon Gagnier United Church of Auburn.. Dana Goodnough Pittsford Community (Rochester).. Jonathan Evans Elim Grace Christian Oswego.. Michael Gerhardt Parkside Bible Watertown.. Brian Havens Crown Alliance Cortland.. Colin Lucid Calvary Baptist Massena

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