Wayne Weekly “We’re Ringing for You”

Written by on March 10, 2016

It’s funny. At one time all phones rang as a bell rings. Now phones buzz, beep, chirp, play songs, vibrate, light-up, are displayed on our TV screens, announce who’s calling, and more. The word rang, no longer means “ring like a bell”.


One thing though is common to all the electronic indicators, and that is that someone is calling or texting us and trying to communicate. The “ring” is a call to respond.


The Mars Hill Network is hoping to “ring” you by radio in hopes of having you answer the call. That call is asking for your commitment to support this Christian radio ministry by giving a financial gift to help keep the Mars Hill Network healthy and vibrantly moving forward for another year.


Won’t you prayerfully consider a gift to this ministry? Your investment means new purposeful lives birthed by the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Please answer the call. We’re ringing for you…loud and clear.


Call us at 800 677-1881 or visit us at www.marshillnetwork.org .

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