Wayne Weekly “The Blitz-ard of 2016”

Written by on November 29, 2016

Black Friday 2016 has come and gone…so has Cyber Monday, sort of.


Now I like deals and when I am about to make a purchase I start scouring the local store flyers and the internet to find the “buy of the century”. When I shop at the grocery store I most always look at the unit price, consider shelf longevity, and factor in the taste buds demand. I’m not a fanatic, just want to be a smart shopper.


We’ve just come through the beginnings of “blitz-ard of 2016. The retail stores are blitzing us with block-buster savings, often on things we really don’t need. We hope to find “just the right gift” for loved ones, at a super price. It can be a fun experience, but just like the low prices, usually that exciting shopping fun lasts for only a “limited time”; “I want to escape it all” rears its familiar head.


After the gold rush, now we can enjoy Christmas for what is should be. Focusing on the Savior’s birth, special moments with family and friends, the sounds of the season. I love those sounds. Christmas carols, holiday songs, the occasional “Ho, Ho, Ho”, church bells and choirs heralding Christ’s birth in Bethlehem. I enjoy the sights of Christmas too. Lights and decorations. Holly and wreathes and garland. And the treats…enough said about the delicious.  I like all the regular stuff that can make Christmas an annual adventure.


So, with all that said, It’s one of the few seasons when it can be OK to talk and sing about Jesus and His coming to earth from the realms of glory. Often, it’s easier to ask a neighbor or co-worker to church. We get to send cards with “religious” themes on them. We even hear some music about Jesus occasionally mixed in with Santa tunes and romantic songs on secular radio and TV.


It’s early in the season yet. We can still make it count in a spiritual way. Let’s “just do it”.


“And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus; for He shall save His people from their sins.”                                                                  Matthew 1:21

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