Wayne Weekly “Season of the Walk”

Written by on April 18, 2017

Spring brings much with it. Birds, buds, blooms, and…well bees. Though some bees are welcomed, others are not. Wasp and Hornet type bees are not. Bumble bees are OK…and honey bees, that’s sweet. Not “cute” sweet…but modern vernacular sweet (like “cool” sweet), and taste bud sweet as well.

The other day on one of my first springtime meanderings, I was buzzed about by my first “bee” of the season. No wasting time with them, they have work to do! Myself, I preferred to be just casually moving through time enjoying smells, sights, and sounds of the long awaited season.

I like to walk. When I was younger I jogged. Later on I power walked. Now I just kind of move…with some intentional bursts of speed. I like to take it all in on my low cost adventures. The only thing that I really pay for are my Nike’s or New Balance or whatever brands are rated good for the walk and are on sale! The rest is free.

In life we quickly learn that time is fleeting, so slowing down a bit seems to help make it last. I like being busy at work, I like being busy on a project at home, but on my walks, I shift down. I grab hold of the time.

Now we know eternity is coming, actually it’s already here… we just go through a major transition into glory. We have forever to live. I am guessing our senses will be keener. I don’t understand how it will all work, but being with the Lord, seeing Him as He is, and “being like Him”, will be the best. “Walking” into His presence, well, we’ll take it all in…really in.

So the ways of spring are upon us…so let’s walk.

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