Wayne Weekly Pre-Checked…and Through the Gate

Written by on March 5, 2018

So often the entrance to Heaven is referred to the “pearly gates”. St. Peter seems to always be stationed there at his post verifying entrance into the celestial kingdom. The scriptures do speak of “gates” in the New Jerusalem, twelve of them to be exact, made of pearls (Rev. 21:21). The truth is, we see no biblical reference to pearly gates in Heaven.

In Genesis, the account of Jacob having a dream about the stairway to Heaven (Jacob’s ladder), we read that when Jacob awoke from his sleep …

“He was afraid and said, “How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.”         Genesis 28:17

Jacob named the place Beth-El, the house of God.

This past week our Program Director, Brian Munse, and I had the great blessing of attending the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. The convention, held in Nashville this year, features many practical sessions for broadcasters such as music licensing fee update information, Christian Film Industry progress reports, radio programming agency networking opportunities, as well as offering “Super Sessions”, which contain Christian radio industry information, public policy, cultural challenges for Christian ministry, and lots more. You can only do so much, so you need to build your schedule carefully with agency representatives and meetings of specific interest to your broadcast ministry position. It’s an incredible event and the fellowship is unmatched!

As Brian and I entered the area to be screened by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) we handed our boarding passes to the officer. He look at our passes and told me that I had been “pre-check approved”. That means I could go to a much less scrutinized passenger inspection station. I still had to walk through a metal detector and place my carry-on baggage on the rollers and belts traveling through the X-ray machine, but I was not required to open any luggage, take off my shoes and belt, be bodily wand-ed, and do anything else that the “normal TSA inspection” process may include.

I, at a good clip, was able to walk through the gated entrance, through the detector, and arrive on the “free at last” side that would allow me to proceed to my airlines seating area and boarding gate.

Brian, on the other hand, was carefully monitored as he entered the security passageway. Rather than a one-minute ordeal, he was processed thoroughly requiring a substantially longer clearance window.

Now, I draw no parallel, I want you and my companion Brian to know, to Brian’s thorough TSA procedure and the one I experienced. I just want to point out that my pre-approved entrance via “PRECHK” into the blissful area of clearance reminds me of my future entrance into Heaven.

Being a child of God solely by grace, solely by faith in the redemptive work of my Savior, gave me a “PRECHK” boarding pass through Heavens “gates”. All hindrances to entering glory were gone. I was cleared for an eternity with God.

Jesus had taken my sinful baggage away and carried them Himself into death’s domain, then rising as sinless and worthy to sit down at His rightful position, the right hand of the Father.

Christians all have “PRE-CHECKED” boarding passes, and “cleared” to enter the heavenlies.

Oh, Brian. Well he made it through the airport check point and was OKed for his flight eventually. But, he and I both know that both our boarding passes into the presence of God, are stamped TSA (Totally Savior Approved) PRECHK!

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