Wayne Weekly “Joy x 2”

Written by on December 7, 2015

Sometimes I like to grab a cup of coffee on my drive into work. I could fill my commuter cup at home, but there is something special about going to a coffee place and getting one “to go”.


I usually stop at the Skaneateles Bakery when the coffee mood is overwhelming. It’s hard to get out of there without a plain or cinnamon donut. They make the real thing. They fry their donuts in oil. Yes they are loaded with you know what, but I only get one, and stop just a few times a month (well, more in the wintertime).


Other times I stop at Dunkin Donut in Auburn. I did that just recently. I always order a small just because I like drinking out of paperboard cups better that Styrofoam. It’s not a “green” thing so much as I just like the feel and sipping out of paper cups better.


I walked in (the one nearest me has no drive through window), ordered up my small coffee, and was delighted to see that the muted green and red cup was seasonally decorated and displayed the word “Joy”. With all the talk about playing down Christmas, you can’t get much closer in spelling out the politically incorrect forbidden word “Christmas”, then by using the word “joy”.


As I got ready to drive away, I took a good look at the cup, while enjoying the feel of hot paperboard in my hands and the coffee’s aroma greeting my nose. “Joy”, what a great word. And then I saw it, my conditioning I would guess. I saw Jesus, Others, You, in the fancy font on the cup. What a great reminder. I had Christmas joy with practical application…and I had a hot cup of coffee in a paper cup.


Joy x 2.

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