Wayne Weekly “It Came from Cyberspace…and Heaven”

Written by on January 12, 2016

I recall a sci-fi movie I watched as a kid called IT Came from Outer Space. It was actually presented as 3D in theaters, but on our B&W Sears Silvertone TV it was in flat 2D. Still, we loved those predictable space movies with lots of girls screaming.


Today, IT means “Information Technology”. And today most business that utilize computers either contract someone do manage their system or employ someone as a staff IT person. Mars Hill has done both, and currently is blessed (I mean BLESSED) to have a staff member on board who can deal with all our problems called computers, servers and the galaxy they dwell in called cyberspace.

I have to admit, computers have been helpful in many areas of ministry, and here at Mars Hill, we depend on Information Technology to facilitate and operate our programming, as well as organize much of our office business. We have to be thankful IT Came from Cyberspace, even if it is in 3D: Demanding, Dictating and Draining!


Somehow things rival to control our lives. Things can easily interrupt our best intentions, and even sidetrack us away from what we know to be good and right and proper. We’re told to be “filled with the Spirit”, to “walk in the Spirit”, and to be “led by the Spirit”. God instructs us to do these things because He knows we need to be reminded. He knows that we are but “jars of clay”.


I have come to the conclusion in my years as a Christian, that to be controlled by the Spirit of God begins by (1) asking Him, then (2) obeying His Word, and then (3)living it out practically as He enables.


It’s software (the programs and other operating information used by believers aka. God’s Word) and firmware (permanent software programmed into a read-only memory aka the new nature) and hardware (the collection of physical parts, aka. me and you)!


The IT person…that’s God, and He’s in the profession of managing us and fixing us…if we let Him.

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