Wayne Weekly “Hang Ups”

Written by on September 20, 2016

I awoke sometime in the early morning hours with my brain in overdrive. Whether I always like it or not I’ve inherited  an overdrive on my brain’s transmission. Often when I wake up, no matter what the time, the fissures in my brain become a high speed race track and I’m at the wheel.


I began to think about the universe and how it seems to me that all my questions about origins have been pretty much put to rest. I like science and discovery, but over the years the verses like Genesis 1:1 and Psalm 24:1-2 have consistently offered to me the “bottom line”, God created…!


As I thought, I felt some remorse that I was not more awe struck thinking about the universe. I recall being a youngster sleeping “under the stars” with friends and remembered laying there looking up at the heavens and being amazed with curiosity. When the moon was visible, in those pre-space exploration days, I wondered if life of some kind could be on the moon, let alone the planets and beyond. At times I would let my mind go wild with sci-fi adventure, hoping to see a UFO. In those late 50’s and early 60’s space movies were rampant and my friends and I were sure Martians existed.


I think I eventually dozed back off to sleep. Oh man, I thought as I looked at my bedside clock, it’s after six, I slept in! Rushing into the bathroom, turning on Mars Hill radio, and prepping for the day was my routine. Then walking our two dogs, Maggie and Daisy came right after putting on the coffee.


As I strolled with the “girls” down my street the sky was just taking on a deep blue color. I looked up and suddenly the softly glowing half-moon (or so) was just hanging up in the sky, suspended in nothingness in all its beauty. I sensed more than a tinge of wonder. I was bordering on awe struck…!


“And God made two great lights…He made the stars also.”       Genesis1:16

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