Wayne Weekly “Dark Roast…The Luxury of Being Picky”

Written by on May 4, 2016

Now listen to this.


I’m sitting in my office when the Koffee King truck pulls into the parking lot. Nothing new, Koffee King has been well serving Mars Hill with water for our cooler and coffee for a few years now. Staff and guests have opportunity to indulge in America’s #1 beverage (I’m guessing). Of course staff members who partake are gently urged to contribute by way of our coffee fund can.


Linda Rockefeller our business manager was carrying on a conversation with the delivery guy about dark roast coffee. It seems like a few members of our on-air staff see the need to up their coffee quality standard. For a while these few members held a subtle protest (well, maybe just making a statement) by bringing in their own Dunkin Donuts dark roast blend. Well OK, that’s fine.


So where is this leading? The luxury of being picky, that’s where!


We live currently in a world where most of us have a lot of choices to some extent at least. We choose what we eat, where we go, where we live, what we drive, the kind of clothes we wear, entertainment we like, and the list goes on. I’m not saying this is necessarily bad, but all this has enabled us all the luxury (and some think the “right”) to be picky. Assuming that we have some kind of right to live as we like can be dangerous. We see the results of this in our culture as we deal with “the rights movement”.


God has not promised us “rights” in that respect. He has however given us the “right” to become children of God through faith in Christ Jesus and His atoning work. Eternal life is the Christian’s God given right. The right to enjoy His fellowship and partake of the Holy Spirit is also a right, based upon God’s promise, certainly not on our own merit or worth.
We may still live in a country or situation that affords us the luxury of being picky to a degree, and someday that may go away. But the God given “rights” we have as Christians is based upon a secure everlasting promise. And that promise is unchangeable. A promise is a promise is a promise.

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