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Wayne Weekly “Building Bridges-Big Life Questions”

Written by on March 29, 2016

Last summer the NY State was rebuilding one of those “over the creek” bridges on a road parallel with Owasco Lake. The crew put up new traffic signals, road barriers, a number of bright orange cones, and a few signs instructing drivers to wait for the signal. Building or replacing bridges is generally a slow process pre-dated with all kinds of engineering studies and funding issues.


Building bridges is also a necessary requirement to travel the road into someone’s life. Whether we work on new bridges to “earn a right” to be heard, or work on re-building a bridge (which may take longer actually) the Lord tells us all to do the “work of an evangelist”. Often doing that kind of spiritual construction work means, as the Word states, “do good unto all men…”


Being an “ambassador for Christ” puts a lot of responsibility on us to live a life that “exemplifies Christ”. It means to “love your neighbor as yourself”. Loving ones neighbor simply means to care for, even nourish others as opportunity allows. It means to “be at peace with all men” whenever it depends on us.


Building bridges often requires us to take a back seat. James told us that we’re not to treat one person more importantly then someone with less fame or fortune, likeability or physical appeal. This can be difficult in a culture that is enamored by “stars” and “success”.


Building bridges takes effort. It can take deliberate planning, and in some cases takes careful preparation. It’s true, people respond to love, but to get to that point constructing the bridge may mean making sure you are equipped to do the construction.


That’s why the Mars Hill Network often partners with other ministries in helping people to put on the right gear for the job.


This April/May MHN has teamed up with Davis College and North Syracuse Baptist Church in presenting some powerful; tools to construct bridges. The workshop series is called Big Life Questions, 4 Saturday Conference. Pastor James Pannafino will deal with topics that can equip believers to intelligently answer Big Life Questions.


For more information visit here.