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Wayne Weekly “Broken Silver Cords”

Written by on May 22, 2017

Ties to this earthly life are often pretty powerful. Being tethered to our current existence is experienced by all. Nothing wrong with loving one’s family, one’s friends. Nothing bad about loving the life God has blessed you with and living it to the fullest. God sent His Son Jesus to give us life, and life abundantly and that life begins with transition from darkness to light as one experiences regeneration by surrendering to Christ Jesus and believing on Him for salvation.


Ties to this earthly life for some, however, are anchored firmly and the thought of leaving this existence is a frightful thought. It’s like a helium toy balloon that is released by a child, caught up in swirling currents of air heading for the unknown.


God, in His Word, reminds us that we’re not to get too attached to the world and its ways. Life for all of us is measured by the One who created us.


Dan Dunn, friend and testimony of God’s grace in which we as believers stand, has left us. His work on earth is done. God has called him home just as planned from the beginning. Dan’s mission was fulfilled, his service here completed. He loved God and lived God. The cord that tied him here is broken, and Dan is free and resting in the presence of the Savior.


How we will miss our brother in the Lord, Dan Dunn…lover of God.


“Remember Him before the silver cord is broken…”                              Ecclesiastes 12:6