Wayne Weekly “Awakening To a New Day”

Written by on January 25, 2017

It’s the end of January. What a flurry of activity this month has brought with it. Toping all things (after the New Year’s holiday) was inauguration day for our new Commander and Chief, Donald Trump and his VP pick, Michael Pence. It was an exciting day as we witnessed the transition of power from one administration to the new one. As the nation (and world) watched, we saw the induction of the most powerful man on the globe. As a believer I was delighted to hear God’s Word used in the president’s inaugural address and was also glad to hear the name “God” used in the speech, but those references are pretty common in presidential inaugural discourses.


I was blessed by the prayers of religious leaders, too. Can you imagine if God or anything relating to God was not part of the transition of political power? That would be scary, to say the least.


I remain encouraged. We seem to have been given some fresh hope. I know so many Christians are rejoicing in how things have developed. We have been given some opportunity to move in a positive way that will allow us to lift up the name of Jesus and watch God’s righteousness prevail. It seems like that dark cloud of Christian oppression has somehow subsided, at least generally speaking. I am sure that the dark spiritual forces will now be regrouping.


The church hopefully awakens to a new day with a renewed vision. I think it’s already happening. True followers of Christ can be united and can be mobilized…seizing the moment for the glory of God!


“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

                                                                             Psalm 133:1

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