Everyday Blessings #4: Memorials

Written by on June 4, 2021

We’re getting ready to celebrate Memorial Day here in the USA.  A day to look back, reflect, and thank God for the many men & women who gave their lives in defense of our freedoms. The freedoms that we enjoy today, the freedoms that we hold dear. The memorial is a Biblical concept. In fact, if you do a word sear on your digital Bible, you’ll see many verses pop up where God gives things to be a memorial. Ex. 13:9, Ex. 28:12, Ex. 28:29 and many other times in the Old and New Testaments. God gave symbols to be memorials so that His people would remember. He was saying, “Don’t forget what I’ve done for you!”

Maybe there’s been a time in your life when God has done something incredible for you. Make note of it. Write it down, take a picture, hold on to something tangible so you can look back and remember how God got you through! And when the next hard time comes along, go back to that memorial and remember God’s goodness in your life. So this weekend, as we remember those brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms, let’s also remember the ONE who gave His life for our ultimate freedom. Never forget.

With Everyday Blessings, I’m Valerie Case

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