Wayne Weekly “Make Joy Your Tradition!”

Written by on December 18, 2017

Many of us carry family Christmas traditions with us. What traditions we had while growing up, some of those perhaps even from long ago past generations. Some traditions center on baking certain sweet delights, some adorn the family Christmas tree. Some traditions have to do with advent calendars or church activities. Families have rituals for Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, and even incorporate ethnic customs as part of their holiday. Traditions are special, and good, and bring cohesion of generations and give birth to precious memories.

In the Taylor family, we have traditions that have followed us into every Christmas season. Christmas music is a big one. That generally appears after Thanksgiving. Christmas movies are always part of the season, as is roast beef on Christmas eve, putting out the Christmas nativity scene that my wife bought when she was sixteen years old the week before the 25th , the garland, the wreathes, the poinsettias in abundance  garnishing the doorways and windows of our home. Then Christmas eve church service, the reading of The Night Before Christmas to the girls (even though they are now adults), and the Christmas morning Scripture reading next to the tree Christmas morning, to name a few.

Whatever your tradition, it’s all because of one reason, the birthday of our Savior. If He hadn’t come, we most likely would not be celebrating anything on the 25th of December. If God did not send His Son, we would have no real reason to celebrate life, we would be hopeless and lost.

How blessed we are to be given Christmas. Let’s share the joy!


“And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy…”                                                                                              Luke 2:10

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