Wayne Weekly “Acid Rain”

Written by on April 3, 2018

This past winter I purchased a “new to me” vehicle that was almost my dream car. I had driven my Nissan for eight plus years, and it was still running good with almost two-hundred thousand miles racked up.

My wife, Evie, is a pro at managing our financial affairs. After we purchased the 2008 Nissan in 2010, she began putting money aside in a “car fund” saving account for our next vehicle. Eight years later we had a good amount of money to invest in another car. I did my homework, and had decided on a Subaru. I had owned one in the eighties and loved it, so I was happy to return to Fuji Industries for another go-round.

My contact at a local dealership kept his eye out for a good pre-owned vehicle that would fit my price range. After a few months, Zach called me and said that he had found something that he thought I would be interested in. It was a 2014 Outback with fairly low mileage, and a fair price tag. Zach worked with me and was able to lower the price to quite a reasonable figure. My wife took a look at the vehicle when I test drove it and liked it a lot, nodding her head in approval. Wow, that was great news. I had discussed with her that Zach had found something, but she reminded me that we had initially agreed to wait to the springtime. I was ready for her to say, “No, Wayne, wait”, she did not.

After filling out the usually paperwork, transferring my plates, I drove out of the dealership like a kid on a new bike. My four wheel drive almost dream car was mine.

My daughter Jill had given me some premium car wash coupons for Christmas, so I could keep the vehicle clean. I also went on line to find the most reasonable price on Weathertech laser fitted car mats. I found a great deal. I was ready for the elements, winter, spring, summer and fall!

A month into ownership, I began seeing some “spotting” on the hood of my beautiful, built to last Subaru. I dismissed the few spots, but was determined to keep an eye on them. It wasn’t long that I began to see more little chip like spots on my hood, primarily. I also began to figure out that every time I washed the car more seem to appear.

Yesterday, I took my car in for a wash, went to the bank, and while returning to my perfect car, had a big shock. The few little chip like spots had multiplied into dozens of spots all over my hood. My heart sunk and off to the dealership I went.

After discussion with the service manager, who was very puzzled, I was sent to the body shop manager. He look at the hood for maybe 20-30 seconds, looked up at me and said these two words that would put memory fissures in my brain, probably until glory…acid rain!

No cure, progressive, and a guaranteed potential to begin rusting. We looked closer at other part of the car, and found spots beginning to develop on the roof. The manager explained that the acid begins to eat into the finish, and by my washing the vehicle, most likely it removed the acid damaged paint.

The dealership will offer me a trade, I have little recourse but to completely paint my once pristine car (only a few months ago).

I don’t blame the dealership. This is a problem with cars that come from the northern border of New York. I told the body shop manager that the CarFax indicated my vehicle came from Buffalo. He shook his head and said, “Yeh that makes sense”.

I think sin is like that. At the first we seem to get away with it. No sinful blemishes at the first. We’re still pretty shiny. But as sin begins to eat away at our hearts and our bright veneer, we soon lose our luster. The acid of sin penetrates and destroys.

Christian friend, no amount of our washing and waxing will help. Sin eats below the surface, and if not corrected, corrupts our finish. Only Jesus can wash away the acid of sin. We start with Godly sorrow, that leads to repentance…genuine repentance and healing.

Yes, “your sin will find you out”…eventually. Just like the blemishes on my almost dream car, it was only a matter of time that they showed up and made things not so pretty.

Coupons for God’s washing are always available, just Google, “repentance”.


“Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, forbearance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance?”                                                       Romans 2:4

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