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Jeffrey Smith speaks on divisions in society and how Christians should react towards these situations.

Pastor Foote talks about his trip to Germany and how he traveled from place to place and uses that illustration towards our relationship with God and others.

Pastor Hood talks about 4 things believers should be devoted to in their Christian faith.

Pastor Sykes  discusses the charge Paul gave to Timothy.

Pastor Kornegay discusses the different things servants of the Lord should be aware of in their spiritual growth.

Pastor Koshy talks about working together through burdens in life.

Pastor Perchitti talks on the difference between forgiveness and condemnation.

We live in Central New York, where sunshine is worth its weight in gold. It’s funny how sunny days lift your spirits. In the springtime when the sun shines, car windows come down and elbows protrude. Lawnmower engines are heard, and basketball bouncing sounds emerge on the audio landscape.   Overcast skies, well they change […]

Where do you spend your time? Matthew 6:19 Do not lay for yourself treasures upon the earth, where moths and rust destroy them and where thieves break in and steal. Matthew 6:20 But lay up for yourself treasures in Heaven, where neither moths nor rust will destroy them and where thieves do not break in […]

As of late we are hearing about some college campuses that have decided it is in the best interest of students to create “safe zones” that serve as a limited space to disseminate information, share ones faith, one’s political convictions, etc. At a quick glance, this sounds reasonable, but take another look.   “Safe Zones” […]

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