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(Preamble: Most of this historical information came from Google, so please note that I seek no animosity when apparently tooting my own (Canadian) horn!) Radio as we know it was […]

I t came on unexpectedly. Right before me a window perhaps three feet wide by five feet high gave clear view of an area that boasted row after row of […]

I have a neighborhood Gavras Center home housing persons with developmental and/or physical disabilities. It is just around the corner of my house. I often pass by on dog walks…or […]

The other day while traveling north on Interstate 81 to pick up Tom Herbert and then onto Watertown for a luncheon with area pastors I had a “close call”. Driving […]

This morning I opened my office door, ready for a day’s work. Nothing out of the ordinary, just another Monday. As the door swung open I glanced toward my desk. […]

The word “omen” has gotten a bad wrap over the years, due primarily to a series of Hollywood movies with an evil theme. The dictionary gives this definition: An occurrence […]

Do not give until it hurts! Give until it makes you rejoice with laughter. I believe that is the appropriate biblical principle of 2 Corinthians 9:7 – for God loves […]

I smelled the autumn leaves yesterday. I heard the crunch under my feet. I explored the reds and golds and yellows. It was a grand moment. So often the present, […]

Just a few days ago many were lamenting over the snow covered highways, having to don our winter coats, or a layer or two of our fall wear. We shook […]

After what I’ll call a “time-out”, I thought I would give “Wayne Weekly” another go at it. With the Covid-19 reference being so widely circulated, I thought I would turn […]

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