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Author archives: Wayne Taylor

Wayne Weekly: “Is Your Sticker Current?”

Car Inspections. If you drive a vehicle more than a few years old, they can be one big trying event. I’ve been through scores of them now and generally know I will probably be paying out more than the inspection fee. This year it was a tie rod end, it morphed into an alignment issue […]

Wayne Weekly: Charging our Batteries for 2015

With record low temperatures in January many of us have had our share of cold related problems. Naturally, a working home heating system is a priority. We sure are thankful for a warm place to call home. Another primary concern, our automobiles. Recently my wife, daughter Jill, and I ventured out to do some “after […]

Wayne Weekly: God’s “Life-map” for us

Just last week on my daily jaunt to work from Auburn, traffic was forming a slow moving caravan just east of Skaneateles on Rt. 20. A few vehicles with lights flashing were ahead and men in emergency attire directed all traffic away from continuing on Rt. 20 and directed them onto Rt. 175. A big […]

Wayne Weekly: “Let It Snow”

As I write this weather reports tell us that soon a good portion of our listening area will receive a blanket of snow in various weights. Snow is a way of life in our neck of the woods. We never fail to be in awe at the beauty of freshly fallen snow. We delight in […]

Wayne Weekly: “The Wonder of Christmas”

The Wonder of Christmas Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, often buried by “black Friday” hype, it’s time for believers to make a concentrated effort to focus on “God with us” and the real purpose we honor the 25th of December. It’s hard to avoid the hustle and bustle of holiday festivities. And to […]

Wayne Weekly: “caution lights”

As I travelled to work a few days ago, I reached a crest in the roadway and just as the oncoming lane became visible there in the opposite lane was a big yellow school bus about to come to a halt. Its yellow lights were flashing and I quickly noticed children and a parent standing […]

Wayne Weekly: “… an eternal ballot”

The elections are behind us now, which means a break from those mean spirited and often misleading television ads. What once gave us information on the beliefs of a candidate has now become a mud-slinging event that keeps you guessing on what is truth and what is a distortion of truth or a just plain […]

Wayne Weekly: “thank the Lord for the simple moments”

Like so many in upstate NY, my family and I have often ventured out to local apple orchards as part of our fall tradition. Picking fresh apples and filling our baskets or bags is fun and rewards you with a crunch into a sphere of juiciness. Things, though, have changed over the years and our […]

Wayne Weekly: “God needs to be invited, or He won’t show up.”

A few weeks ago my daughter Jill and I decided to have a coffee date at a downtown Auburn, Green Mountain Coffee Café .  Though we have wanted to do an early morning coffee thing for a while, a very warm Wednesday morning “perked” us up to venture out. Surprisingly, the café was hopping with […]

Wayne Weekly: Trunk or Treat … an alternative to Halloween

I remember as a kid dressing up and doing the neighborhood rounds for “loot” during trick or treat. Frankly, things seemed less complicated back then. It wasn’t that big of a deal to devise your own costume. Some old jeans, talcum powder, and yes, maybe some of Mom’s make-up. Store bought costumes, OK too. The […]