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Completing the Mission by Discipling America’s Warriors





The Rucksack is produced by Brian Havens Ministries, and sponsored by Active Duty, and is another way of “Completing the Mission by Discipling America’s Warriors”. Hear the Rucksack Thursday at 5:20 PM on The Way Home and Saturdays at 1:35PM.


Our symbol standing guard. Photo taken at the National Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN on a June morning – as it appeared in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! It says everything. You couldn’t “stage” this shot in a thousand years, and yet Providence has allowed it to be captured for our respect and enjoyment!

A “Biblestick” giveaway for military

Biblestick Giveaway

With the approach of Independence Day we want to give our military men and women another avenue to hear God’s Word, because faith comes by hearing. So throughout the week of June 27th we’ll be giving away the “biblestick”, a special military edition. It’s a small mp3 player with headset that allows the listener to hear an audio drama reading of the New Testament and selected Psalms.

Be listening to Mark Warner in the morning and The Way Home with Dan Dunn and Kevin Kloss all next week for your opportunity to win a “biblestick” courtesy of Crossway, Faith Comes by Hearing, MilitaryBible, and Mars Hill Network’s Active Duty outreach. For more on how the “biblestick” has been an encouragement to our men and women in uniform check out this 60sec audio testimony.

Charlie Daniels on his several trip to Iraq to entertain the troops and the special place Psalm 91 holds for him.

Charlie on Moody Special 1

Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels spoke recently on a Moody Radio Special entitled.. “He has Risen”.. In this excerpt Charlie speaks about his several trips to Iraq to entertain the troops. In one of those trips he found himself in a battle zone and speaks here of the comfort and peace that overcame him by trusting in the promises of Psalm 91.. He also talks about his special relationship with his Savior and Lord… Jesus Christ.


We’re going to call this an Active Duty “Flashback”.. The time period depicted on this video is WWII and it really brings out the commitment and loyalty that Americans displayed for our soldiers. Many who were on their way to the battlefront. Some would make the supreme sacrifice never to return home again. We trust this short (but blurry) video will kindle appreciation for those who stepped up to support our troops…

A Skeptics Guide to God Pt 1


Today on Spotlight we’re speaking with author Larkin Spivey a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War and retired Marine Corps Officer. He writes on how God has blessed America and how individuals have been blessed by their faith in God during wartime.

A Skeptics Guide to God Pt 2

Spotlight-Skeptics Guide Larkin Pt 2

Today we continue our conversation with retired Lt. Col Larkin Spivey. He’s a decorated Vietnam Veteran and has written extensively on how God has blessed America in wartime. Today he talks on why science and faith in God are not contrary to one another.

USMC Veteran Michael Race

mix_13m03s (

Michael Race is a veteran of the Unites States Marine Corps and experienced combat in Iraq. In the following audio recorded for MHN’s Spotlight program, Michael talks about how he came to serve in the military and tells his journey of faith and the healing he received when he surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

One Life, One Flag, One Mile.

Flag Man… may be one of the best videos you watch all year! Never heard about this? What a fantastic story. There are so many good people out there – why do we only hear about the worst?

It will go down in history among the people who are aware of his committment!

True Freedom

True Freedom

In John 8:36 Jesus says, “If the Son sets you free you shall be free indeed.” In this episode of “Active Duty: Completing the Mission by Disciplining America’s Warriors” Dan Dunn and Pastor Brian Havens talk about fighting for freedom on the battlefield and finding true freedom for the soul with the Only Son of God; Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness Complete

Forgiveness Complete(2)

On this episode of Active Duty Dan Dunn and Pastor Brian Havens talk about the forgiveness that is only found in Jesus Christ. Once we understand that through faith in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross we come to realize that no one can condemn us any longer for our sins including ourselves.

Veterans Benefits for Seniors

Service Members’ Legal Rights While on Active Duty

Guide to Financial Assistance for Military Families

Employment Resources for Military Spouses  Missions to Military is a specialized missionary agency designed to win and train the military for Jesus Christ.  The Navs Millitary are passionate about our military and want to share the transforming power of Christ’s love with those who have chosen to serve and to minister within the military context.  Christian Military Fellowship encourages men and women in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  The purpose Officers Christian Fellowship is to glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society.  Cadence International exists to be there during these strategic moments sharing the gospel and our lives. It’s why they are here—for military people and their families, for these poignant moments of life-change. Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors. NYS Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors.


Between Combat & The Cross
By Brian Havens

with Michelle Lazurek

51GeomKUPHL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Army veteran Jack Brown dedicated his life to fighting for his country’s freedom. But the death of his friend Jay proves too difficult to overcome. Now in the throes of addiction, he desperately wants to find something– anything– to help him battle his inner demons. Spotting a banner in front of New Hope Baptist church to come to their annual Memorial Day service, Jack decides to attend. What he finds inside is a chance for a new beginning. Now with a new wife and a child to support, Jack finds himself trying to overcome the overwhelming pressures of producing a successful church. Jack finds himself embroiled in a battle that rages not only within his church, but also deep within himself. Can Jack truly win the war and find the inner freedom he so desperately seeks?

Author Brian P. Havens is a pastor, father, veteran, and advocate for active duty military and veterans. He gives discipleship tips for active duty and veterans on his weekly blog, as well as, a monthly radio sermonette. He has served in the United States Army for over 13 years, service in 2 wars, 3 campaigns and conducted ministries in 2 different continents. Brian both served as a Combat Engineer, Chaplain Assistant and Airborne Parachutist.