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Pledge Call Center

  • Thank you for calling the Mars Hill Network Care-a-thon 2021. Can I help you in making a pledge today?

  • Will you be paying today with your credit card?

    • This is to enable you to choose which form to click on – Pledge (use for just making a pledge) or Donation (use for when making a pledge and paying with their credit card)
  • Are you calling from Canada or the United States?

    • NOTE:  We can NOT take Canadian Credit cards but we CAN take their pledge.  Please take their pledge and the Canadians who wish to pay by their Credit Card will either have to log on the MHR Canada click on the Support/MHR Radio and enter their information there or they will have to have their call forwarded to MHN office.  The reason for not taking their credit card information is due to the fact that if they wish a receipt for tax purposes, Revenue Canada will not acknowledge tax receipts from the United States.

Then the operator will have to either click on “PLEDGE” or “DONATIONS” or fill out the form.

***NOTE:  Please be SURE the spelling of their last name and address is correct.  For instance- SMITH SMYTHE or SMITHE can all sound the same but spelled differently.  This is important so we don’t get duplicate names in our data system.***

  • At the end of the call they should acknowledge by saying

“Thank you for calling Care-a-thon 2021. An acknowledgement will be mailed within a week or so with an envelope for those who are want to send a check.”

If a person wishes to make a comment about our programing or has a prayer request they will have to call:  315.701.7970 and leave it on a recorded line there.

If they need to check on their open balance from previous years or need to speak with Mars Hill personnel, they would need to call 315.469.5051.

If donation is being made by credit card, click here.