The broadcasting industry can be one of the most exciting and rewarding fields of work offered today. With a focus on communicating with people, with the challenge of strategy planning for effectively capturing the listening ear, resulting in a genuine change of behavior, habits or thinking, is what media is all about.
What could be more fulfilling? Christian broadcasting media!
If you believe you have the skills that Christian broadcasting demands, and that you have the God directed desire and commitment to serve the Lord in this vital and gratifying career, perhaps the Mars Hill Network is the place for you.
The Mars Hill Network regularly offers positions in on-air announcing, in its production department, within its engineering and IT division, jobs in web design and internet/social media services, as part of its clerical team, a place in facility development and maintenance, and in its network development and underwriting support force. Vocations that are not only personally fulfilling, but offer vital ministry opportunity.
Interested…? Apply today and you may be able to help us in our mission of “ministering life”…through media.

Current Employment Opportunities:

Applications are now being accepted for a unique full time position in Christian radio ministry.

This position requires the applicant to have the following:

  • A sincere desire to work in Christian ministry
  • Previous experience or formal training in broadcasting operation and announcing
  • Experience in non-profit fundraising
  • Proven administrative skills
  • Good people skills
  • Public speaking capability
  • Commitment to Scriptural Christian doctrine with a strong faith and relationship with God
  • Willing to travel within the Mars Hill Network broadcast region

If you believe you have the above qualifications, please apply online through the form below or call our office for an application at 800 677-1881.

The Mars Hill Network is an equal opportunity employer.

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