Wheels for the World

This year when we ask you to donate to Mars Hill Network during our Care-A-Thon, we will also suggest that you consider supporting Joni and Friend’s ministry called, Wheels for the World.

Wheels for the World provides the gift of mobility and hope of the gospel to those affected by disability worldwide. People with limited mobility are tragically often excluded from life in their communities because they have no way of moving around. Receiving a wheelchair allows them to attend school and church, therefore becoming part of their communities and villages, changing lives forever.

If you could change the life of a disabled child who is isolated and overlooked, would you do it? Each wheelchair costs just $150 to send! Joni and Friends invites you to join us and live out your faith!

Visit their website at: http://www.joniandfriends.org/wheels-for-the-world/

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