Wayne Weekly “Winds of Change…Watch and Pray”

Written by on May 25, 2018

As I sit in my office here at the Mars Hill Network, I am enjoying having my window open and taking in the smell, sound and touch of the wind circulating around the room. It’s the perfect afternoon.

To further my enjoyment, we had some visitors this afternoon, four of those which consisted of children. Outside of my window I hear the children’s laughter and high decibel conversation as they chase after a giant balloon ball. It’s great to hear their excitable voices mixed with the rustling of the May, almost June breeze.

Winds of change. The summer seems like its right at our doorstep today. Could not have even imagined that a few days ago!

People around me seem to be always saying that things have changed. They say there is just something in the air, an unsettling of sorts. Many Christian’s are always quick to mention that they thing that Christ’s coming is on the brink of happening. This could very well be true, but who are we to determine for sure when He is coming. When I was nineteen I became a Christian. The talk of the town was that Jesus was coming at any moment. To be sure, that was a true statement, but that was four decades plus years ago.

Though I know He is coming, and watch for His coming as most true believers do, I also realize that only the Father knows when the Son will return.

The winds of change may certainly be an indication of the closeness of His return, whether you believe in a pre-tribulation rapture or not. At the same time, I must also realize that His return may be ahead a number of years. I just don’t know for sure, no one on earth does. We’re just to watch and pray.

And since you don’t know when that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert!

Mark 13:33

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