Help Kids Know Jesus For Christmas

This year the Mars Hill Network will be distributing a high quality Christmas gospel booklet to thousands of listeners and churches in our area.

MHN is partnering with Paul Cammilleri, the author and designer of the book The Little Elf That Didn’t Know About Christmas. Paul has worked with Disney, Marvel, American Greetings and other entertainment and educational companies and has now created a resource to help kids know the true meaning of Christmas. This Gospel comic book is a full color, attention grabbing, evangelistic resource designed to capture the interest of children (and adults) everywhere! We’re so delighted about this production that we are planning to distribute 25,000 books. Click here for an online preview and see how clear and engaging the Gospel can be for kids.

Would you help us with this Christmas outreach?

In exchange for your financial gift, the Mars Hill Network will add your business name to our network website, social media outlets, and our on-air promotion campaign during this holiday season.

Your contribution will help underwrite the printing, distribution, and introduce children to the Christ who is the reason of Christmas season.

*If you would like a number of these “Little Elf”” books, please contact Mars Hill right away. We charge nothing for these books, however if you are able to send a gift to help defray printing/mailing  costs, we would be appreciative. Again, a financial gift is NOT required, we’re just excited about getting the gospel out into the hands of children (and their families)!


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