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In our weekly E-Newsletter, we have begun publishing our “E-Question of the Week” to help stir the minds of our listeners and ask them about things we can do to improve our ministry in serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you’d like to answer our E-Question of the Week, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave your first name and what city you are listening from when you give your response (if you choose to).  Below are some of the responses we’ve received from our E-Question of the Week in previous issues of our E-Newsletter.

**The views and opinions expressed in our E-Questions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Mars Hill Network** .


This week’s Mars Hill Network E-Question

E-Question #1: What music (old or new) would you like to hear on the Mars Hill Network?

From James:  Statue of Liberty by The Couriers or Gaither Vocal Band, especially on July 4.

From Marsha:  Oh, please keep wonderful hymns!  I first heard a very long time ago wonderful inspirational dinner music, perhaps 5 -6:30.  Calm is wonderful.

From Anne:  I don’t know any titles, but it would be wonderful if we had a better blend of the old, along with the new. Hymns, songs with melodies and harmony, songs that didn’t endlessly repeat the same phrases. Not necessarily the classic hymns (although they are still great!), but more mellow sounding music – prayerful, instead of loud and full of drums beats. Don’t you wish you hadn’t asked?! As always, thank you so much for always being there, to help us remember that Jesus is Lord, ever and always. Amen!

From Donna:  I haven’t heard Michael Card played in a long time. Also, I am enjoying Andrew Petersen, Matthew West and Ellie Holcomb.

From Pat:  More Robin Mark.

From Lori:  I would like to hear older music, including more traditional hymns and choral music, especially on Sundays. Several months ago the station introduced a song by The Gray Havens, ‘This My Soul’. I thought it was a wonderful piece (and still do). It was a change from most of the new music today that tends to have lyrics that repeat over and over again.  I know you can’t please everyone! The station is definitely a blessing to me. I’m so very thankful for the many wonderful programs you present.   May God continue to bless your ministry.

E-Question #2: What is your favorite program to listen to on the Mars Hill Network?

From Trent:  Thank you so much for your ministry. When you hear of people writing in and saying your on my radio all day, it seem hard to believe, but you are on mine. You station over the past 15 years has led me to Christ, educated me from the many bible teachers , and has encouraged me to follow Jesus and has made me a better Christian Man, father, and husband.  There is a song you play that has the lyrics, entertaining Angela your met along the way. What is the name of this song and who sings it?  Thank you so much for your hard work.

From Kathleen: I love Charles Stanley, and basically all of your items!  I listen to him on my app as the time isn’t good for me as I work until 5.  Having it on the radio, and cleaning teeth isn’t quite easy, as I cannot concentrate.  And I don’t know about my employer or patients.  One told me once to turn it off.  I just had the music on. not loud, or anything.  So after that I didn’t have the radio on at all. :/ But thank you all for being so great at your employment!  It brought my dad to Christ at 92!  He loved Mr Lutzer.  Yay!  He is now with the Lord.  I miss him, but I know he is A-OK!  Yay!  Heaven bound at 92!  Reminds me of the Chapman song Uncle Bud Came Home.  Thanks so so so much.

E-Question #3: Do you think COVID-19 is a judgement from God?

No.  I do think it’s a reminder from God that we are not as in control of our lives as we like to think.  – Unknown

I’m not sure if this is a direct judgement or not. How ever, if COVID-19 is a natural resul. of his ancient curse on the earth, then, like the AIDS plague a few years ago, HE did not use any divine power that we are aware of to stop it from running its course. Therefore I believe if it’s not a judgement, it is a strong warning that time is getting short before the real judgements come……    – Richard from Wolcott

We had answered this with a yes, but would like to clarify what we meant.  COVID-19 is not really a judgement from God, but we believe that He has allowed it, in part to sift us & our leaders on the priorities we have as individuals & as a nation.  The unfolding of events since the beginning of all this has shown where the hearts of many are.  Sadly they are not focused on their Creator.  His true Church will be forced to decide who they will follow.  We think this link is most helpful ….We thank you for your ministry.   – Rob & Candy

It’s either a judgement from God or a warning that judgment is coming.  We need to repent and return to our first Love.   – Anne from Syracuse

Yes – Unknown

No, it is not.  – Unknown

Yes, it is a warning of whats about to happen.  – Unknown

I think it is being used by God to remind us of our frailty and mortality, to turn our minds and hearts toward Him.  – Unknown

E-Question #4: What has contributed most to your spiritual growth so far this year?

The teachings on Mars Hill Network, especially Grace to you, Truth for Life, Love worth Finding, In Touch, Turning Point and Running to Win.  The Grace to You Blogs have been very helpful. – Rob & Candy

Prayer – Unknown

Reading God’s Word.  – Unknown

Preparing for Sunday school for a mixed age group (from age 10 through adult) has been most helpful to my spiritual growth in the past year. While the lessons are planned and prepared in a PowerPoint platform it demands a fair amount of time, prayer and consideration. It is during this time that the Lord allows new thoughts to be formulated and the beauties if His being and His work exposed to the heart and incorporated into the lessons. Thankfully, questions from others during the lesson delivery help solidify any new thoughts that the Lord has shown during the preparation process. Of course, looking up verses for the study helps to apply the Word to the learning curve.  – Hank from Kingston

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