Listener Appreciation Day

Your faithful support & appreciation of the Lord’s ministry at Mars Hill has enabled us to continue to do what God has called us to do: broadcast & share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So, on Friday, May 21st, we want to appreciate you — our listeners.

On that day, we’ll be pulling names out of our (giant) bin of listeners & awarding small gifts of appreciation to our listeners.  Stay tuned on listener appreciation day for more information.

If you weren’t out there with your radios tuned in to us, we would be broadcasting to only the wind…  So we want to thank you & everyone who have made it possible for the Mars Hill Network to continue on for these 52 years.

If you want to be sure your name is in our listener bin, please click here to submit your name.  Please be sure you’ve entered your name before midnight May 19th.  For more information on our contest rules, please click here.

May 21st… It’s Listener Appreciation Day… and we want you to know… that we appreciate you! 

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