Easter Specials

We have some great Easter radio specials for you airing this week only (Mon. March 29, 2021 – Sun. April 4, 2021). 

Here’s the list of specials we will have with air times:

“The Resurrected Body of Christ” from Carter Conlon, Lead Pastor of Times Square Church in NYC

Airs Saturday (Apr. 3) @ 3:35 PM – Special podcast about Jesus’ resurrection, 25 minutes long.

“Heaven, How I Got Here” by Unlocking the Bible

Airs Mon-Fri (Mar. 28 – Apr. 2) @ 8:04 P.M. – Five parts (one per day), 25 minutes each. About the story of the thief on the cross w/Jesus.

“Truth for Life Easter Special” from Alistair Begg

Airs Easter (Resurrection) Sunday (Apr. 4) @ 9:35 AM – One-part special from Truth for Life ministries about the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, 25 minutes long.

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