Spotlight on “Pro-Life Training Center Pt. 2” with Dawn Sessler – originally aired on August 12, 2020 (8-12-2020) Dawn continues her conversation with Julie Rosati, Co-founder of Pro Life Training Center in Oneida.  They talk about the Pro Life Training Center’s daily routine on how they help women avoid places like Planned Parenthood  and avoid […]

Spotlight on “On Eagles’ Wings” pt. 1 with Dawn Sessler – originally aired on July 13, 2020 (7-13-20) Dawn spoke with Ron Hutchcraft, the founder of “On Eagles’ Wings”, about how his ministry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  On Eagles’ Wings website: https://www.oneagleswings.com/

Spotlight with Dawn Sessler featuring “Sherry Anne Book Signing” originally aired- 12/2/19


Abraham makes a mess, but God redeems Abram even through his mess up.

Being a man of God characteristics.

What must I forsake if I want to become mature in Christ? What do you cherish in your life? Is it your security?

What is CHAFA?

What is CHAFA?

This week hear Pastors… Art George First Baptist of Memphis.. Scott Hallman Westside Community Chapel.. Robert Foote Trinity Lutheran of Ithaca.. Jeffrey Smith First Baptist Watertown.. J. Koshy International Assembly of Syracuse.. Jeff Obrien Northside

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