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Why Does Music Exist

Do you know what the Bible says about music and its purpose for existing Do you know where music came from? Music is perhaps one of the most powerful communication tools. The Bible tells us music was present from the beginning of creation. In Job 38:4-7, God challenges Job, “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundations – while the morning stars sang together?” Morning stars refers to angels. They were singing. It was good, clean, godly music. “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Gen. 1:31 NIV) This included music. I believe when God was creating the universe there was a  praise and worship celebration with angels singing. Who was the worship leader? Ezekiel reveals it was Lucifer, one of the three angels closest to God in heaven. God describes Lucifer as beautiful, perfect, “The workmanship of thy tabrets and pipes wast prepared in thee on the day thou wast created.” (Ezek. 28:14 KJV) Tabrets and pipes are musical instruments. Lucifer could compose and play music with or through his body which had musical instruments built into it. Read it for yourself! He could lead the angelic worship choir praising God as he was creating. Maybe it went something like this. God spoke, “Let there be light.” Light bursts forth. Galaxies, sun, moon and stars appear. The Lucifer led choir sings, “Our God, is an awesome God he reigns, holy is his name, we exalt you O Lord!” Read Revelation and Psalms. You’ll gain wonderful insights about the true expression of praise and worship to God. I believe it was loud, energetic and exciting music. Remember, when God finished his creation work he said everything was very good. Music glorifying and honoring God was very good, too. The Bible draws us to conclude Lucifer knows all about music, could write music, could influence music and understood its power to communicate a message. Lucifer was an amazing one man music making machine. But, what happened next changed all creation and mankind forever. Isaiah 14 tells us there was a bad war in heaven. Lucifer rebelled against God, was defeated and cast down to earth. He lost the battle, lost his place in heaven, lost his name and became Satan or the devil. Evil consumed his heart. Satan is now the mastermind behind all the evil and wickedness in the world today. No longer was everything good. Satan became rotten on the inside and his evil influence can be seen everywhere, including in music and entertainments. He’s committed to corrupting everything good God created, including music. Stay tuned because in my next article we will ask the question, “Is all music evil?”   

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