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What Do You See?

When you look at people around you, what do you see? I’m not talking about their physical appearance or personality. Do you recognize their spiritual condition. Everyone you meet is either LOST or SAVED, going to HEAVEN or HELL. There is no in between!

whatdoyousee1Do you ever wonder if your friends are followers of Jesus?

Do you care if your lost friends go to hell?

Do you share your faith… give it away?

Imagine sitting on the beach with a hot date. You’re all oiled up, got your favorite CD playing, not a care in the world except for the hot date you are drooling over. Suddenly, screams come from the ocean. You see a person frantically grasping for air. You realize they are in great danger and about to drown. The lifeguard has fallen asleep. YOU are the only one who sees the soon-to-drown swimmer. Are you going to do anything? I think so. You will throw them the life preserver sitting on shore or swim out and get them. You won’t stand by and let them drown.

All around you are people in great danger, not of drowning in water, but in danger of spending eternity in hell!

You know their names. You play on the same sports team with them. They sit right next to you in class or in the lunchroom. You hang out together. You know they aren’t a Christian and follower of Jesus, but has reality hit you that without Christ, they will go to hell? Imagine when you get to heaven and stand before God. He opens the Lambs Book of Life to see if your name is written in it. Behind you stands your best friend we’ll call Bill.  God sees your name and says, “Enter heaven with me forever.” As you walk towards heaven, you turn and then hear Him say to Bill, “I don’t see your name listed here. I don’t know you. Away from me into hell forever.” You watch your best friend being led into the agonizing torment of hell forever and there in NOTHING you can do.

How would that make you feel?

Now is the time for you to save your friends, a family member or somebody you come into contact with every day from sure spiritual death and offer them an incredible personal relationship with Jesus Christ!


You may say, “I’m scared, I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where to begin.”

I’m going to help you in the next series of articles. Tell your Christian friends to tune in each month for lessons on how to rescue lost souls. Lesson 1 is simple. It begins by seeing lost people around you through the eyes of Jesus. When Jesus sees your classmates, He doesn’t see students. Jesus sees hell bound, dying people. What do you see? Jesus has a passion and burden for the lost. PRAY this prayer every day, post it on your mirror, in your car, say it often and watch God change your heart.

Jesus… I want to give my faith away. Give me your heart of love and compassion for the lost. Give me your eyes to see them. Give me your passion and burden to tell them about you and show them the way to heaven. Break my heart for lost people all around me. Amen!

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