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The Real Christian Life

The goal of Christians of all ages including teenagers have been told, “If you become a Christian you can have a better life!” In our get-it-quick world who doesn’t want a better life in a pretty messed up world? What teenager wants to suffer, experience loss, grief or pain? Who wouldn’t want a Christianity that tells them life will be happy, blessed and work for them the way they want? How many Christians have discovered this is simply not true? Have you?

We do everything God says, stand on the promises of God, memorize and meditate of scripture, pray scripture verses pertaining to our troubling circumstances and still things go wrong. I have news for you. The Christian life is not suppose to be pursued to get a better life. God can and will bless His children, but if you live you Christian life to get something from God, you may be very disappointed.

God is not a vending machine you put something into in order to get something out you want. The Apostle Paul set the standard to follow. “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord for whose sake i have lost all things. I consider them rubbish that I might gain Christ and be found in Him.” (Phil. 3:8) The life-long goal of every Christian is not to get something from Christ but to know Him intimately.You were created “by God and for Him.” (Col. 1:16)

Teenagers live in a world where if you perform well you are somebody special. The pressure to succeed is huge. Teenagers are assaulted by messages encouraging them to have ‘stuff’ because they need ‘stuff’. God says all you need is Jesus. All of life and everything you’ll ever need is found in Christ through knowing Him. In the end when Jesus returns our ‘stuff’ and accomplishments will mean nothing to God unless it was done FOR Him, His honor, His glory and to advance His Kingdom purposes.

Today’s Christian teen needs to know (and adults) that they will eventually suffer some level of grief, loss, pain and suffering in life as a Christian. bad stuff has happened to good Christians all throughout history. You should never base your Christian life and understanding for God on what happens to you. God is always good and faithful no matter what. God promises to be with you in the good, bad and ugly times. yes, we stand on the promises of God, pray Bible verses, confess the word, believe for the impossible, but the bottom line is trust God and commit your life to knowing Him! You should answer ‘YES’ to three questions. Is your desire to know Christ the #1 priority of your life? Is your desire to know Christ stronger than your desire for his blessings, a better life and the life you want? Is your life all about Jesus at all cost to you? If not, ask the Lord to change your heart’s desire so you can always answer YES!