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The 12 Be’s To Sharing The Gospel

Sharing the Gospel isn’t difficult. God works with you. many Christians don’t know the basics. Below are 12 key guidelines to help you.

1. Be always praying.
2. Be showing love. It’s one of your best evangelistic tools.
3. Be sharing your testimony. Everyone has one.
4. Be living a godly life. It produces tremendous results.
5. Be gentle and respectful, not offensive and pushy.
6. Be sharing with those like you or close to you. They will be easiest
to reach.
7. Be expecting some rejection, anger and hostility. They’re rejecting
Jesus, not you.
8. Be a good listener.
9. Be understanding of their world.
10. Be looking for those who are open and receptive.
11. Be discerning of who you can and can’t influence.
12. Be trusting God with the results always. He’s using you.

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