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quote-marksI have listened to Mars Hill Radio Station for more than 22 years and it has always been a blessing. Often when I hear a song that ministers to me, I quickly write it down, look up the lyrics and the related scripture verses. I've even called the station a time or two to get the title of a song. God has used this as a vehicle to teach me His Truths and help me to reflect on them through the gift of music. The Bible teachings presented are solid and I especially enjoy Alistair Begg's program, Truth for Life.
Several weeks ago, I needed an MRI medical test and to my dismay, the noise of the equipment was very loud and intimidating. The nurse asked me what kind of music I liked to listen to and when I said Christian" Thank you Mars Hill Network. I only listen to MHN. It's all I need. Thank God.quote-marks

quote-marksI am thankful for the Mars Hill Network. I listen every day on my way to work and on my way home from work. I listen when I am at home or in the car and sometimes at work. I love all of the programs and there are too many to choose just one as my favorite. I am thankful for all the listeners who support this radio ministry. The positivity is amazing ... just like God. No matter what I may be experiencing in my life, when I turn on MHN I am lifted to God and feel comforted by the music, words of encouragement, stories of others, ministries, etc.
Thank you Mars Hill Network. I only listen to MHN. It's all I need. Thank God.quote-marks

quote-marksI began listening to your station about 12 years ago, when I was pregnant with my older daughter. I can not express to you how much I have personally gained through your station, in all these years. I am so blessed to be able to listen to your teachers/broadcasts: Chuck Swindall, Focus on the Family, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, The Citizen Link broadcast is so relevant to Christian lives right now. Thank you so much for your work and your genuine desire to serve God.quote-marks
quote-marksI have the radio playing most of the day in the kitchen, so throughout the day I hear bits and pieces of your programming. This past February I had a still born little girl Hannah Grace. I had lots of people around me the first week and a few around the second week afterwards but the radio is still there with me. I am thankful for Mars Hill because the songs and messages that played and still play in my kitchen keep me focused on a God that is in control of all my circumstances and He is there to comfort me through this difficult time. When I am feeling sorry for myself I hear something on the radio that gets me back on track and it helps me keep moving. Thank you for keeping spiritual songs and God centered preaching on your radio, unlike other Christian" stations." Several weeks ago, I needed an MRI medical test and to my dismay, the noise of the equipment was very loud and intimidating. The nurse asked me what kind of music I liked to listen to and when I said Christian" Thank you Mars Hill Network. I only listen to MHN. It's all I need. Thank God.quote-marks
quote-marksIt is impossible for me to pick just one program or ministry that is my favorite. After 37 years of listening to Mars Hill, I see your ministry as a catalyst for getting myself and my family through many difficult times in our lives. Children's programming became a regular part of our parenting as we raised our two boys, who continue to be strong in the Lord and have their own ministries now. My call to ministry was definitely impacted by programming and events sponsored by Mars Hill. We enjoyed many a concert that you sponsored through the years. My wife and I woke up every morning for 35 years listening to your programs and our car radios seldom were tuned to any other station. Since my wife went home to be with the Lord, your evening programs have become my night sounds. Thank you for your commitment to Our Lord's ministry.quote-marks
quote-marksMy husband and I are missionaries living in Europe. I started listening to Mars Hill because my son, Philip, works there. It makes my heart happy to know that while we are reaching people for Jesus on a foreign field that you are doing it in America. Sometimes I feel so far away, but when I listen to you it makes me feel back home again. Thank you for the connection through your web page and your app.quote-marks
quote-marksI grew up in a Baptist home. My father was in Child Evangelism Fellowship and my mother was a Christian mom at home. I woke up every morning to the sound of WMHR on the radio for all of my childhood. My mother singing along with the songs while making our lunch for the day. I couldn't tell you what happened, but I decided my new friends were more important than everything I was taught. So off I went. Before I turned eighteen years old I had grown my hair long, put in an earring, started smoking, quit school. Everything I could think of against what my parents wanted. Then moved to N.M. where I had a grandmother and cousin living. The idea was my cousin could move on with his life and I would take his place taking care of grandma. Well that never happened. As soon as I landed in the new world, Harry took on a new persona. All the Bible study in youth groups, all the church services, all the youth camps, all the Bible memory from my mother, children's bible hour every saturday on the radio, were as if they never existed. I can only say I believe I am not in prison or addicted to something because of the continuous prayers from my parents. They must have said my name every day in prayer. I fought the devil one day to get to church. There were many excuses that plagued me for years not to go to church. My life was falling apart and I was tired. One morning I decided. I went out to the car I didn't think would make it the whole trip and off I went. I turned the radio off and tried to think of a song to sing that I had learned in the many years of church. NOTHING!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I started to cry. How far had I run that I couldn't think of one song. Then my car started to skip and I yelled out loud at satan that if the car breaks down, I am leaving it on the side of the road and hitch hiking, and I meant it. I finally remembered Jesus loves mequote-marks
quote-marksI am a missionary in Togo, West Africa. What a blessing it is to have WMHR available to listen to through the internet! I am originally from Syracuse area and grew up listening to WMHR. Now, I love listening to Adventures in Oddesy and 'The Way Home' program in the evenings after work while I am on the internet. Such a blessing to have the sounds of home, including good Christian music, teaching, programs and news. God uses you to literally reach around the world to spiritually encourage me regularly. Thank the Lord for the ministry you have.quote-marks
Beth Mason,
quote-marksIn a culture that seems enamored with constant noise, I find The Mars Hill programing to be a sober and quieting voice amidst a good bit of chaos. Thank you for your service. I can not count the times a song, scripture reading or encouraging word has given me strength and hope for another day. Thank you also for the opportunity to win tickets to the Andrew Peterson/Jason Grey concert. I took 4 of my children and we had a great time. The only moment that broke my heart (and rightly so) was when we left to go home and as we walked through the foyer the table to purchase CD's was more than crowded while 3 feet away the table to support a child was devoid of interest. It made me think about what my christian priorities really are and should be.

Thank you again,

quote-marksMars Hill has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and that is saying a lot! I grew up in a home where there was a lot of tragedy, abuse, divorce, more abuse, violence, and anger, led me to a life of drug abuse and immoral relationships to say the very least. My mother though even through hard times and her own life back slidden at a point kept 102.9 Mars Hill on all the time, and so while I cannot remember things from my life, due to trauma, I do remember the songs and certain programs from the station! The Lord used this many times in my life to remind me of Him, even though I wasn't walking with him yet. I was dramatically saved in 2001 and never went back to drugs or drinking again! The Lord has grown me every day as I walk with him ad submit to his word! Jesus is my everything and I love to teach my children now who my husband and I are homeschooling in our home here in Syracuse where we listen to Mars Hill everyday! There has been countless revivals of our hearts as we listen to the words from Nancy Lee Demoss an John McArthur, also kids corner is something we never miss! The music is always inviting us to worship the King! Thank you!! May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace! Love in Christ, Angela and familyquote-marks

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