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   When I was a kid learning to swim I was assigned a buddy. My instructor called it the ‘Buddy System’. If I got into trouble, my buddy was there to help me stay afloat and not drown. Every Christian needs to have a buddy to help them stay afloat in the rough ocean of life, especially during high school and college years. The  pressure to conform to what the lost world offers is huge. Resisting peer pressure is very difficult. You need a buddy to help you navigate safely through the the waves of peer pressure that churn at you.

  As we continue to look at the lives of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Daniel Chapter 3, we know they faced pressure to bow down and worship the king’s gold statue of face death in the blazing furnace. My best guess is that they stood strong because they encouraged each other. Maybe, they reminded each other of scripture that spoke of God’s faithfulness to deliver them, sang some worship songs together, prayed to God together or simply encouraged each other to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

  Do you have a buddy like that? They are strong Christians who love Jesus. They’re invaluable. They  help you stay strong when you are weak, hang in there when the going gets tough, encourage you to persevere and believe God for an answer to your prayer, to not give up trusting the Lord, to help you resist sin and simply come alongside and walk with you through your Christian life. You need a buddy!  I thank God for the buddies I have.

  A Christian buddy can help you say NO to compromise with God. Perhaps you have some good friends. Maybe they’re not a Christian. If not, sometimes they probably will not understand why you say NO to doing things you know aren’t right for a Christian. A good Christian friend will support you and understand. What is a good friend? They won’t put pressure on you to do something you know is wrong or unhealthy for you. They won’t be silent when they see you walking in some sin. They will care about you, love you no matter what and be there for you when you need them, be honest with you, won’t gossip about you and pray with or for you. If you don’t have a good Christian buddy, ask God to give you one! Lone ranger Christians run a high risk of sinking under the rough seas of life no matter how strong they may be in the Lord.


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