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Raising Baby Christians


  It’s a New Year and new beginning at life for some. Perhaps, you know someone who also had a new beginning at living life because they were Born Again into the Kingdom of God. They became a baby Christian.


  Now what? A baby needs some constant care and attention as they discover their new world. They eat mushy baby food and liquid formula to nourish their new bodies. A new Christian needs some constant care and nourishment, too. Who is going to take responsibility for this important and critical undertaking?

The church? Christian TV and radio? How about you? How can you help a new Christian grow?


  The most important stage of life for the new baby Christian is immediately after they get saved. The Bible warns that the devil will come right in and try and snatch that good seed out of their heart. They will hear things like, “You really didn’t mean that prayer you prayed. God can’t love you. You’re not really saved. You don’t need to go to church or read a Bible.” The most critical time for a new believer is the first 48 hours of their Christian life. That’s where you can step right in and help them.


Here is a short list to help you care for a new Christian, especially if they’re your friend and classmate:


  1. New babies need love and care. Show the new believer unconditional love. Don’t try and clean them up. That’s the job of the Holy Spirit and it will take a lifetime. Loving young Christians gives evidence of your love for Jesus.
  2. New babies need food in small doses. New Christians don’t know how to eat spiritual food from the Bible. Make sure they have a Bible that is easy to understand like the NIV, NLT or LB version. Answer their questions. They need to grow in their knowledge of Jesus.
  3. Bring a new believer to your life group or home fellowship gatherings. Introduce them and then make them feel special and important because they are to God.
  4. New babies can seem helpless and unprotected from danger. You may need to lovingly guide a new believer away from attitudes, beliefs, lifestyles or even people that may threaten their walk with God. They aren’t spiritually strong and mature enough to protect themselves. Love, merciful and gentle in your approach.
  5. Invite them and bring them to church, Christian events, social gatherings involving your Christian friends.    
  6. Make sure if you are rising up and training baby Christians, you are living like a Christian should as taught in the Bible. But remember, you’re not perfect. You’ll make mistakes. Let the new believer know how much you need God and rely on His grace every single day.
  7. Give them some easy to read new believer literature.
  8. Help them learn how to pray, how to simply talk to God through prayer and sit in His presence to listen for His still small voice leading and guiding them.
  9. Memorize simple key scriptures with them.
  10. Make sure they know you are always ready to help them, answer their questions and pray for or with them. 


   God wants to use you to help new Christians take their first baby steps. They can’t do it alone. You don’t need to be a Bible scholar. As you help them, you will learn, too. Step out in faith and help a new believer you know begin their journey to become all God has designed them to be as a follower of Christ!


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