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Where did the Mars Hill Network get its name?
In the King James version of the Bible, Mars Hill is the site of the public forum outside of Athens where the Stoic and Epicurean philosophers asked the apostle Paul to explain what he was teaching (Acts 17:22). Other translations use Areopagus.

Who owns the Mars Hill Network?
There is no single owner. As with perhaps most not-for-profit organizations, the owners of the Mars Hill Network are, in a way, its members and donors. The Mars Hill Broadcasting Company Inc. is a not-for-profit organization governed by an elected board of directors which is legally responsible for the network. More background on the Mars Hill Network is available on pages listed in menu under “About Us”.

How do members and donors know where their money is going?
The Mars Hill Network is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). All ECFA members are required to adhere to its financial management and reporting standards. Instructions for obtaining the Mars Hill Network’s financial disclosure documents are available through our office.

Is the Mars Hill Network affiliated with a specific church denomination?
No, there is no specific denominational affiliation. However, the network board and staff do subscribe to an evangelical Statement of Faith

Where could I find details on employment at the Mars Hill Network?
Just visit our employment page.


Why don’t you play more contemporary, up-beat music?
Why don’t you play less contemporary, up-beat music?

First there was gunpowder. Later there was TNT. Still somewhere beyond that is the explosive nature of what qualifies as acceptable Christian music. Our format could be described as “traditional-inspirational”–that is, we air traditional hymns and anthems and also include selections of a more contemporary nature. Each song you hear on the Mars Hill Network has been carefully chosen by a music committee of three. More on our music policy can be found on our Format page.

I really enjoyed today’s edition of _____________. How do I obtain a copy of this program?
For programs produced by the Mars Hill Network, we can provide a CD copy for a small fee. Broadcasters of syndicated programs also often provide copies of their programming for a modest fee. Please let us (or them, in the case of syndicated programming) know the date of the broadcast and the topic. This will help to track down the program that you want. Some broadcasters offer copies of their programs at the close of each broadcast and give the ordering information for the edition of that particular day. To help you contact various programmers, a directory of broadcasters can be found on our Directory of Broadcasters page. Please let them know you heard the broadcast on the Mars Hill Network.

There was a song that I liked so much that I jumped into the car to go get the CD. However, the music stores don’t seem to have heard of it. What do I do now?
Some of the songs you hear on the Mars Hill Network are by artists whose recordings are found on the labels of smaller companies. They are still available, but sometimes have to be ordered by your local music store, or even by yourself. More information on specific songs can be obtained by giving us a telephone call (315-469-5051 or 800-677-1881) or by emailing our Music Director. Please also see the next question.

Both Mars Hill and the music stores tell me that the album I’m looking for has been out of print for twenty years. Isn’t there anything I can do?
Finding a song from an album that has been out of print for years can be difficult. If the song is by a well-known artist, there is always the chance that it has been re-released on a “best of” collection, or other similar compilation. If it’s still available, the song should surface in a computer search at your local music store. If the song was never re-released, finding it is akin to searching for an out-of-print book or an antique. Online auctions and search engines are a good way in which to begin one’s search. There are a number of dealers on the internet that specialize in out-of-print Christian music.

I produce a program and wonder if Mars Hill may wish to air it. How would one go about submitting a program for consideration for broadcast?
Please visit our page, Submitting Programs for Broadcast Consideration


We live some distance away from the nearest Mars Hill station. Why is it I can hear your signals quite well in the car, but not in my house?

There are many variables involved in why a particular station can be heard (or not heard) at a particular location. However, in this instance, it is probably

a) Your car radio is designed to pick up weaker FM signals while the radio in your house is not, or
b) Your car is out in the open, giving radio signals a clearer path to your car radio antenna, or
c) A combination of both.

How can we bring Mars Hill Network signals to our area?
Please visit our Translator Information Page. You may also receive the Network live over the Internet through a link on the Mars Hill Radio Canada web site.

Do you have a question that you don’t see above? Just email us.

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