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Whispered Prayer – Prayers by Pete

The prayers we pray will never go stale.

Even though God does not answer right away

He never forgets what is on our hearts.

It may take God some time to work through us

to make a prayer come together.

We must stand on the rock and never give up,

never give in, because God is working in His time.

It all about trust; faith and what we believe in.

Ask ourselves “do we trust the God of the Universe to guide us?”

The answer is “yes”!

Prov 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all our hearts.

And do not lean on our own understanding.

 Prayers work in our hearts.

Refreshing and encouraging us in every way.

Prayers never go stale.

Psalm 65:2 O Thou who dost hear our prayers,

To Thee all men come.

Psalm 66:19 But certainly God has heard;

He has given heed to the voice of our prayers.

Thank you Heavenly Father for

“Listening to our whispers”

Humbly I pray this in the Name of Jesus


Pete Sagen

To God be the Glory