The Good News Café is a great restaurant in the Syracuse area that offers a lot more than just great good!  The café, located at 3508 West Genesee Street in Syracuse, is owned by Mike and Faye Robbins and features a full menu of great food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a wonderful staff.

Mars Hill Network’s Dan Dunn had an opportunity to talk with Faye about the restaurant and ministry they have in the Syracuse area.



Dan: Faye Robbins joins us.  She is the owner of Good News Café.  How long has the café been running?

Faye Robbins: Nine years.

Dan: How did you come to decide to open a place like the Good News Café?

Faye Robbins: It had always been a dream of my husband’s and mine to have a restaurant.  We had one in 2001 in Allegany County.  We only had it for a year and we had gotten burned out. So we closed there and we moved to Syracuse and we were working in other restaurants for a few years before we opened up Good News Cafe.

Dan: I know you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  How has the Lord helped you in this business?

Faye Robbins: We wouldn’t even have Good News Café if it weren’t for the Lord.  The first place that we had started the Good News Café was in a little diner that only sat 30 people.  The Lord was the reason for that open door because the amount of the payment for the loan to get started, I didn’t even make enough money to cover that loan and yet they still agreed to give me a loan.  That was the Lord.  He blessed us and we were able to pay that off.  We are currently in our new location which is at 3508 West Genesee and we have been here at this location for six years and we are completely debt free.  God has blessed us tremendously and He still continues to bless us.  He opened doors here, too.  When we had first moved here we had a contractor that had stolen from us and didn’t follow through with what he was going to do.  We had other people who stepped up and helped us out.  It was all the Lord that opened doors and provided for us every step of the way.  And He still does.

Dan: It is a wonderful thing to look back and see the Lord’s hand in all of this.

Faye Robbins: Yes, I praise Him for it every day.

Dan: Speaking of running a café like you do, and how the Lord has helped you realize that dream, it really becomes like an outreach, doesn’t it?  You get to talk to people…

Faye Robbins: Yes

Dan: And it is really like a ministry, too, isn’t it?

Faye Robbins: It is, it is.   I love talking to people about the Lord and being able to pray for people and being free to pray for people.  They will come to me with prayer requests.  I am really considering making a prayer wall so that other customers who like to pray can pray, too.

Dan: Good News Café now located at 3508 West Genesee St in Syracuse.  Give us your hours and when you are open at the Good News Café.

Faye Robbins: We are open Monday through Thursday from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Friday,   6:00 am to 8:00 at night.  And we have Saturday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.  And Sundays we are closed.

Dan: Let me take this opportunity to tell you know how much we appreciate here at the Mars Hill Network your support of the ministry and we pray that God will continue to give you many years of blessing there at the Good News Café.  Thank you, Faye.

Faye Robbins: Thank you very much.

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