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Is All Music Evil?

Is music itself evil? I don’t believe the Bible teaches the creative art form we call music is evil, nor does God tell us any musical instrument is evil. What is evil is the fruit an instrument produces in the hands of it’s user. Does God have a favorite style of music? The Bible is silent on this issue. God may like jazz, rap, or the blues styles. No one knows. Again,  don’t believe any style of music is evil in itself. What’s evil is the message being expressed and the spirit behind it. God has his music. Satan has his music too! God’s music boasts biblical principles, encourages godly living, shouts of God’s greatness. It draws people to God and the things of God. Satan’s music boasts messages from hell itself, his evil and wickedness. It encourages unhealthy, ungodly living an thinking. It draws people to everything he offers which is full of poison to you heart and mind.  I am not talking about music that is ‘neutral’. It’s simply morally good and wholesome. I am talking about music that blatantly promotes the devil’s kingdom principles and beliefs. What does God call evil, wicked and ungodly? Read Matthew 15:18-20, Galatians 5:19-21 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5. They list some of the things God hates like: hate, witchcraft, jealousy, murder, anger, violence, slander, drunkenness, sexual sins of all kinds and so much more. All of it is represented in much of today’s many styles of music and entertainments. It’s full of the darkenss God hates. Paul warns in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 to “avoid every kind of evil.” In 2 Timothy 3:5 God says stay away from anyone who practices these evil things. Don’t even associate with them. If you are a Christian I ask you, when you listen to your music… what kind of people do you associate with? Are you avoiding the evil God hates in your music? Satan knows when you listen to music full of the things God hates, he has your attention. Once he has your attention, he can pour his poison into you. He isn’t worried if you go to heaven. What he cares about is getting your heart and mind off of the things of God and onto what he offers. Then, he can slowly lure you away from God, get you to buy into what he offers and get you to sin. In fact, when you listen to music full of the evil god hates, you are disobeying God, grieving the Holy Spirit and sinning against God. God still loves you but he hates your ungodly music. Too many christian teens today, praise Jesus in worship during church which gives glory and honor to God. Then, they walk out the door and listen to music inspired by the devil which gives glory and honor to him. Is that you? Does the devil have a ground of entrance into your heart and mind through your music? Does your music give glory and honor to God or Satan? What kingdom does your music promote? Does your music please or displease God? God loves you, but is it possible he hates your music because it represents Satan’s kingdom? You can be heaven bound. But my Christian friends, what you allow into your life can make the way there pretty rough. If you listen to music that you know grieves the heart of God and is full of the evil, wickedness and ungodliness God hates, shut the door of your heart and mind to it NOW! Say NO to the devil and his music. Be sold-out to God and worship him alone. Stay tuned for more on this issue.  

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