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“For to the snow He says, ‘Fall on the earth’… Job 37:6

Winters here in New York State can be brutal, and they can seem to last forever. Reminds me of C.S. Lewis when he wrote about Narnia being “always winter”. That description, however, stops short of the rest of the quote, “but never Christmas”, because we often have the most beautiful and picturesque Christmas seasons in the universe right here in the Empire State.

I am ever reminded of the beauty of the winter snowfall particularly in the evenings or late at night when I look out a window at home and experience snow covered trees, roof tops, and even utility wires blanketed with white on a still night. Something surreal at times. So often those cold scenes are laced with warm memories.

“Have you entered the storehouse of the snow…”   Job 38:22

We may not have entered the “storehouse of the snow”, but we who live here in central and northern New York have experienced its overflow………and it’s not even Christmas.

Well, “seize”, or should I say “freeze” the moment, ‘cause sometime in mid to late January most of us will be eagerly looking for the “thaw” switch.

Have a real “Jesus” Christmas and a full of blessings New Year!

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