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Do You See The Need?

doyouseetheneed1Do you know any lost people? I’m sure you do. You have some lost friends, they sit next to you in class, attend school functions or participate in sports activities with you and maybe even attend your church. All round you are people the Bible says are…LOST!

Have you noticed they have some type of religion? They believe something, have some kind of god, live a morally good life or seem like a good person. BUT, they are still LOST! Lost from what? They’re lost or separated from God and heaven. They think they know where they’re going but…

They’re marching straight towards HELL!

Do you understand that? Do you care? They have no life with Jesus Christ, no relationship with Him and no hope of going to heaven. Many people you know are looking for satisfaction in what they do or what they have.

Who do you know that is looking for something better? What are they like? Without Christ, they will never be content or satisfied in their accomplishments or in who they are.  What is a person like without Christ? Some things are that they:

  • Feel crippled by guilt and fears of death
  • Experience low self-esteem, life looks hopeless or suffer from boredom with life
  • Have an aching loneliness, distrusting love for others, don’t feel loved and accepted
  • Strive to perform well to gain acceptance, try to prove themselves, put themselves first

Name 3 lost people you know. Picture them on the ocean in a big boat with a hole in the bottom. Water is pouring in and it’s sinking. They need someone to rescue them before they drown. Your friends are in that boat and in deep danger of drowning forever in hell.

You can help them! You can rescue them! The help they need is JESUS!

Jesus loves them. He cares about their life. He wants them to spend eternity with Him in heaven. Do you know how important you are to Jesus? If not, you need to read and reread the Gospel of John and ask the Holy Spirit to show you all Jesus did to show His love for you and how important you are to Him. When you really know how much He loves you, it’s real to you and He loves you even when you are unlovable, you will want others to experience His love, too.

Maybe, you don’t know where to start. One place is to simply really care about your friends, their life, their problems and struggles. Show you care by how you help them, comfort them, listen to them and be there for them. All the Bible verses you lay on them will be meaningless if they aren’t convinced you care about them.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Show you care about someone today! Ask God to send someone your way you can show you care to. Reach out to someone in your school, family, neighborhood and community. It will earn you the right to tell them about why you care and who also cares about them….  Jesus! God WILL use you. Everyone will get blessed.

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