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Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life


  Last month we discovered God’s primary purpose for your existence is to know Him in a personal, forever love relationship. When you begin your relationship, it leads to fellowship … a life long process of daily living in harmony with God as your heavenly Father. Nothing you do, will ever change your Father’s love for you. Nothing! Your earthly father may or may not love you, but God loves you unconditionally. You may mess up, rebel and choose to disobey God. You know it’s wrong, but God doesn’t dump you or kick you out of His family.


You’ll be out of harmony for how God wants you to live because you’re living or acting your way, not God’s.


Your fellowship with God is damaged. Things just aren’t right between you and God. When my son disobeyed me and brought the car home past his curfew, I didn’t bless him with $100.00. I was upset, grounded him and didn’t allow him to drive my car for a few weeks. However, my love for him didn’t change.

  When your fellowship is broken, what do you do? The answer is in 1 John 1:9 in your Bible. Read it. Ask God to show you unconfessed sin. Agree with what He shows you is wrong. Ask God to give you grace to stop sinning. Stop it! If you stumble and mess up again, repeat this process, get up and keep going. Don’t stay down. Followers of Jesus “May trip seven times, but each time they will rise again.” (Prov. 24:16 NLT)


Never give up! A failure is someone who does nothing and gives up!realdeal


  Remain in fellowship. Spending time with your Father keeps your relationship alive and helps your love for Him grow. The more you spend time with Him getting to know Him, the deeper your relationship will grow. The more you say NO to sin and trust in Jesus to live His life in and through you as you yield to Him, the less you’ll sin. By allowing Christ in you and His Word to remold your words, thoughts, attitudes and actions from the inside out, you’ll become more like Jesus



Christians will never be sinless.. but as they grow in their relationship with Jesus, they should sin… LESS!



  As you become more like Jesus, you’ll live like Jesus. Your life will be a walking, talking advertisement for Jesus and His Kingdom. You’ll have His heart for people around you and see the world through His eyes. You’ll introduce others to Jesus and help them find the way to heaven.

Nobody likes things that are fake and phony. There are a lot of fake and phony Christians in the world today. Don’t you be one. If you are, you’re hindering the work of The Kingdom Of God. Get right with God today.






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