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Challenge To Youth Leaders

If youre a youth leader, youth pastor or involved with youth at your church, this challenge is for you. If you are a teenager, perhaps this will help you understand what your youth group should look like. There are approximately 6 billion people in the world today. Roughly half are youth. Could it be the last revival and final harvest could be led by youth? Anyone working with youth are in a position to train, equip, challenge, motivate and mobilize youth to advance the Kingdom of God! The number one problem in youth groups today is many youth aren’t living for Jesus wholeheartedly. We assume every teen is a Christian or had a true conversion. Too many teenagers are walking the fence between God and the devil. They are not sold-out for Jesus. The number two problem is that too many youth groups have become entertainment centers, social clubs and baby sitting services. The teenagers receive very little meaty Bible teaching and hard challenges to live like Christ. We need to challenge our youth to live a crucified life. We can’t just provide entertainment. If they claim to follow Jesus, it needs to be connected to their behavior. They may know scripture in their head, but is it in their heart and evident in their walk? Answer these questions. What is your vision for your youth? Is it big or small? What is your vision for your community of schools? Is it to see them impacted by Christian youth for Jesus? What is the vision of your youth for their city and then the country? Is your youth group isolated from other youth groups or linking together to promote Jesus? Is your youth group inward focused or outward focused? Are they growing spiritually? As a youth leader, when was the last time you prayed for one kid in your local school? When was the last time you talked to a lost kid about Jesus outside of church? Have you really been called to be a youth leader or is it just a way for you to work towards becoming a senior pastor of a church? Do you really have a heart for youth and feel called by God for them? These are tough questions to answer.

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